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We’ve Got Your Back

Legal issues are rarely stress-free. While you struggle with complications in the legal system and think about your next steps, the outcome of what happens will likely have a major, life-changing impact on you.

Our attorney at Oberst Law Office, LLC, Brian J. Oberst, has spent over 15 years getting to know and understand the clients that come to him with their legal issues. He knows that you’re coming from a less than ideal situation and wants to make sure that he can do what it takes to stand up for your rights, whether that means aggressively litigating for you in court or working on a peaceful resolution.

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A Unique Perspective Of The Court

Our attorney is able to bring a different view to your case from his past experience not only as a public defender but as a prosecutor as well. Because of this, he can work with you and deliver insight into the court system, what to expect from the prosecution, how to prepare and many other valuable lessons from his time. As these situations often can take up a considerable amount of time, you can also depend on a steadfast litigator who can hold their own throughout your entire case. We are available when you need us and will provide flexible scheduling when you need it.

We’re Here For You

You’ve likely already been through a lot and these challenges may take some time to resolve. If you want an aggressive litigator for your criminal charges, a family law attorney who knows when and where to strategize and advocate for you or assistance figuring out your finances as you plan for getting older, know that our team is fully prepared to do what it takes. Call our office today by dialing 812-668-7413 or send a contact form with a brief summary of your issues and we can schedule a 15-minute free consultation.